Search Engine Optimization slides

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Mar 172017

I recently had the pleasure of keynoting the 2017 Marketech Conference in Kearney, NE, sponsored by Grow Nebraska and the AIM Institute.

The links I referenced in the talk are:

Cox imposing 1TB data cap in Omaha

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Feb 252017

I’m a Cox subscriber in Omaha (Internet and cable TV) and about a month ago they instituted a 1TB monthly data cap for all tiers of their internet access. The last few months, I’ve been averaging just over 1TB per month, so this will definitely affect me.

With 6 people in the house, and between 20 and 25 devices connected to the internet at all times, it seems pretty easy to hit this cap. I have two major complaints about this new policy:

  • It’s not tiered to usage. Cox has 5 plans:

    No matter what your speed, you’re capped at 1TB.
  • It’s aimed at all customers, not just internet-only customers.

These 2 facts prove to me that this is nothing but a money grab by Cox. I would gladly upgrade my tier if it meant both higher speeds and a larger cap, but that’s not an option. Cox appears to be punishing cord-cutters, but in my case I’m both an internet and cable subscriber, so why am I under the cap as well?

I’ve read some comments on different forums regarding filing a complaint with the BBB or the FCC regarding this. I would like to think that I could call Cox and argue against this, but it sounds like those that have tried it have not met with much luck. I’m considering a switch to CenturyLink, even though I would pay more for the same speed, if for no other reason than to spite Cox. More to come.