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UPDATE: I don’t have cable anymore, so I can’t guarantee that this list is correct. Also, I’ve heard rumors that Cox is going to be removing QAM channels entirely, so your mileage may vary.

Cox Communications in Omaha, NE offers many HD channels over their digital cable service, as long as you rent their set-top cable box from them. However, they also offer a number of HD channels over their basic and expanded cable offerings, which do not require a set-top box. However, you must have a tv that includes a QAM tuner in it to see these HD channels. Most TVs sold after 2006 contain a QAM tuner, but check your TV documentation to make sure. Here are the channels my TV picked up on the auto scan:

105.1    CBS (KMTV)
105.2    Big 12 Network
107.1    NE Public TV
107.2    NE Public TV
107.3    FOX (KPTM)
107.4    this Omaha
108.1    ABC (KETV)
108.2    NBC (WOWT)
108.3    NBC-US
108.4    ABC (KETV) News
111.1    Cox Preview – Kids
111.2    Cox Preview – News
111.3    Cox Preview – Sports
111.4    Cox Preview
111.5    Public Access
111.6    SCOLA
111.8    IA Public TV
116.2    IA Public TV
116.3    IA Public TV
116.4    IA Public TV

One of the problems is that Cox doesn’t send any channel ID information with these channels, so your TV’s on screen guide won’t show any information. However, they certainly look better than their non-HD counterparts :).

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    When I tune in "this" on 107.4 (Cox Omaha) I do not get any sound. Any ideas? (Panasonic plasma)


    Speaking of Cox. It absolutely SUCKS that they're moving their HD channels! HORRIBLE IDEA because SD lineup is scattered while their HD was very nicely organized by content (sports, news...)


    Too funny - I was searching for the line on QAM channels in omaha, and I found this - apparently you are the only that cares to share 🙂

    Thanks Adam!


    Just a quick FYI - since cox doesnt send EPG, you can use your schedules direct account to get the guide on these channels to work. you just need to go into the channel editor and put in the XMLTV id. I have not researched all the chanels, but here are the major ones:

    105.1 CBS (KMTV) 24022
    107.1 FOX (KPTM) 34907
    107.4 this Omaha 52251
    108.1 ABC (KETV) 32466
    108.2 NBC (WOWT) 31853


      That's good to know.

      I cancelled cable a few months ago, and got an HD antennae instead. I'm currently getting 24 channels, although a number of them are dupes (SD & HD versions of the same channel). Haven't missed cable too much yet, with the antennae, ESPN app on my 360 and netflix.


        Ditto - I ended up getting a HDHomerun for use with Myth - cool enough, with internet only COX account, the QAM channels cannot be filtered.



    105.1 CBS (KMTV) 24022
    105.2 CW (KXVO) 34906
    105.4 The Cool 70234
    107.1 FOX (KPTM) 34907
    107.4 this Omaha 52251
    108.1 ABC (KETV) 32466
    108.2 NBC (WOWT) 31853


    That's so much for posting on this subject. I just became aware of the existence of these QAM channels and I'm trying to pick up what knowledge I can. There isn't anything on Cox's website about them, so I was considering contacting Cox about getting a channel guide from them directly, but then I began to think that I wasn't supposed to be able to get these stations, that this was happening due to some kind of quirk or hole in the system. Some dumb (perhaps!) questions.

    1. Am I supposed to be able to get these channels with my present subscription? I get Basic Cable, no box, etc., which is listed on Cox's website (http://ww2.cox.com/residential/omaha/tv/channel-lineup.cox) as Starter TV and Essential TV, together.
    2. If I am supposed to be able to get these QAM channels with a basic subscription, why isn't there a listing for them on Cox's website? It must cost something to provide these channels, so surely they would want people to be able to see them.
    3. Do you think that I could get a photocopy of the Channel guide for the QAM channels from the technical people at Cox? Maybe you have tried this -- and failed -- since you might know some of the technical people.
    4. If I'm not supposed to be able to get the QAM channels, how is that happening? I didn't do anything to hack their system, just asked the TV's computer to do the auto scan that you mentioned.

    This situation seems kind of unusual, but I love the HD signals so I don't want to do anything to foul that up. I don't feel guilty about the new channels I'm getting since I feel that I pay enough already ($65/mo.) and the QAM channels are a nice addition to the Basic Cable that I already was getting. Just wish I had known about them before now.

    Thanks again for posting on this subject.


    I have been running a home theater PC for 4-5 years using Cox (omaha) basic cable for the 'antenna'. At one point there were dozens of QAM channels in the upper ranges that allowed me to 'sit in on' other uses' PPV and OD as well as get digital channels like Palladia. Some of these have been removed/encrypted, but there's still a lot out there. Happy hunting!


    Hello, I just came across this post trying to find such a channel listing. It seems the listing is out of date, so here is an update:

    83.12-Public Access
    85.3-BYU TV
    105.1-KMTV CBS
    105.2-KXVO CW
    105.3-Azteca America
    105.4-Live Well Network
    107.1-KPTM Fox
    107.2-NET1 Nebraska PBS
    107.3-NET3 create
    107.4-this TV
    107.5-estrella TV
    108.1-KETV ABC
    108.2-WOWT NBC
    108.3-Me-TV network
    108.4-WOWT News/Weather
    116.1-IPTV Iowa PBS
    116.2-IPTV Learns
    116.3-IPTV World

    I'm not certain that this is complete. I didn't find NET2, which seems odd to me.


    Great! Thanks for the channel listing, but where do I find a guide as to what is playing when?


    Thanks for taking the time to put this list together, Adam. My parents just purchased a computer with a TV tuner and we were trying to get this set up in the Guide. Great help...


    Here's the latest (on my tv anyway) as of Jan 13:

    80.2 NBC
    80.7 ABC KETV
    80.8 CW15
    80.10 NET1 (PBS)
    83.12 Public Access
    84.5 NET2 (PBS)
    84.8 CBS3
    84.10 FOX42
    85.3 BYUtv
    100.11 SCOLA
    102.10 IPTV
    105.1 CBS
    105.2 CW15
    105.3 Azteca America
    105.4 infomercials?
    107.1 FOX42
    107.2 NET1 (PBS)
    107.3 Create NET3
    107.4 thisOmaha
    108.1 ABC
    108.2 NBC 6
    108.3 MeTV KETV7.2 Omaha
    108.4 The Weather Authority 6 NBC


    You don't need cable to view these channels. Federal Mandate states that Cox has to provide these via the drop lines. Something about not being able to guarantee emergency signal reception on antenna, so most cable companies do this.

    I don't have cable. Only Cox Internet in Omaha. I connected each of my flatscreens up to the cable outlets, switched antennas, scanned for channels, and got most of the ones I've got listed here. 🙂

    Adam, I'd suggest you try this and see if it works.


    Updated List as of 23 AUG 13.

    83.1 WOWT 6 NBC
    83.4 KETV 7 ABC
    83.5 KXVO 15 CW
    83.12 KPAO Public Access (Time/News/Weather/Music)
    84.2 NET 1 PBS
    84.5 NET 2
    84.8 KMTV 3 CBS
    84.9 CSPAN 2
    84.10 KPTM 42 FOX
    84.11 CSPAN 3 American History TV
    104.11 CSPAN 2
    105.1 KMTV 3 CBS
    105.2 KXVO 15 CW
    105.3 AZTECA
    105.4 LiveWell
    107.1 KPTM 42 FOX
    107.2 NET 2
    107.3 NET 3 Create
    107.4 THIS (KPTM Omaha)
    107.5 Estrella
    108 Real Estate Ads
    108.1 KETV 7 ABC
    108.2 WOWT 6 NBC
    108.3 MeTV KETV 7.2
    108.4 News/Weather WOWT
    116.1 IPTV Iowa PBS
    116.2 IPTV Learns
    116.3 IPTV World

    I believe this was removed just recently - 119.150 BYU TV
    It showed up for two days and then was gone. It doesn't seem to be at it's previous address here either.


      Thanks Adam and Jake, chatting with COX for this list was a waste of time.
      Having only Cox internet and over-the-air, i was testing a used LCD TV and found some channels other boxes did not find. Want to block everything but PBS stations which is time consuming without the metadata coming with each channel.


    Does anyone know if QAM is still offered in Omaha? I know this post is a few years old, just checking, thanks!

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