Apr 142010

No conflict is as bad as too much conflict

Create autonomy

If you’re not excited about the product, who else is?

make feedback easy and unobtrusive

A couple isn’t married until they’ve had their first fight

If they don’t argue, you don’t have a team, you have henchmen

You have to know what success and failure look like

Turn the team lose, and don’t care if you succeed or fail. The results will surprise you.

Never judge and punish. Always be willing to adjust resources

Experts are people that recognize their mistakes sooner, and get out of them quickly

The key to power is to find opportunities to share it

Become a role model to your team

Turn objections around. Invite brainstorming

Book recommendation: The one-minute manager

  One Response to “Quick notes from Stephan Balzac’s presentation at Infotec2010”


    Good stuff! My favorite quote from the Entrepreneur Track was from Joe Petsick's presentation entitled Challenges in Creating a New Business in a New Industry:

    "Creativity loves constraint - real innovation occurs when resources are missing"

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