Aug 092011

Trying out a new theme here, went with a much more stripped-down, minimalist look. I’ve seen way too many websites lately that remind me too much of my 4 year olds (“Look at me! Look at meeeeeee!!”) and it’s getting old quickly.

Nov 252010

As you relax from your turkey dinner this weekend, forgetting the boring football games and hating that it’s too cold to go outside, your thoughts turn to computer games. Sure, you’ve got your 360 or your Wii and all that, but what about some good old PC gaming? Luckily, there are lots of options out there for gamers looking for something for nothing. And I’m not talking about flash game sites for 7 year olds. I’m talking about good old FPSes or MMOs. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of fun and free games for Windows. – Their game client “Reactor” is similar to Steam, except that it’s basically a frontend to download their free games. They are: – Another great collection of online games, mostly MMORPGs. We’ve only tried one so far:

They have many others too, so check them out.

http://nexon.netAnother great collection of games. Specifically Vindictus, which apparently a lot of people are leaving WoW for.

And finally, you can now play Lord of the Rings Online for free.

So check out the links, start downloading, and have fun!