Jan 312010

UPDATE: I don’t have cable anymore, so I can’t guarantee that this list is correct. Also, I’ve heard rumors that Cox is going to be removing QAM channels entirely, so your mileage may vary.

Cox Communications in Omaha, NE offers many HD channels over their digital cable service, as long as you rent their set-top cable box from them. However, they also offer a number of HD channels over their basic and expanded cable offerings, which do not require a set-top box. However, you must have a tv that includes a QAM tuner in it to see these HD channels. Most TVs sold after 2006 contain a QAM tuner, but check your TV documentation to make sure. Here are the channels my TV picked up on the auto scan:

105.1    CBS (KMTV)
105.2    Big 12 Network
107.1    NE Public TV
107.2    NE Public TV
107.3    FOX (KPTM)
107.4    this Omaha
108.1    ABC (KETV)
108.2    NBC (WOWT)
108.3    NBC-US
108.4    ABC (KETV) News
111.1    Cox Preview – Kids
111.2    Cox Preview – News
111.3    Cox Preview – Sports
111.4    Cox Preview
111.5    Public Access
111.6    SCOLA
111.8    IA Public TV
116.2    IA Public TV
116.3    IA Public TV
116.4    IA Public TV

One of the problems is that Cox doesn’t send any channel ID information with these channels, so your TV’s on screen guide won’t show any information. However, they certainly look better than their non-HD counterparts :).